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We aim to strengthen the capacity in the public, private and civil sector of developing countries and countries with economies in transition, promoting national development in pursuit of a national vision.

By targeting direct foreign investments (DFIs) are one of the driving forces of the process of Africa’s’ expansion into globalization and are a defining element of the modern-day world economy. DFIs promote the restructuring of industry at the regional and global levels and thus ensure the integration of African economies into the world economy more effectively than trade. DFIs stimulate economic growth and development, providing economies in transition with not only financing for development, but also new technologies, better management techniques and access to international markets.

The objectives of this renewed strategy are:

  • To promote the capture of productive foreign direct investment, in priority sectors (industry, agribusiness, transport, renewable energies, mining, etc.) and those associated with technological innovation.

  • Promote the increase of African exports, with added value, and services, prioritizing industry and agriculture, as well as those sectors that are intensive in innovation, technology and knowledge.

  • Promote the internationalization process of African companies, with an emphasis on SMEs, through their integration into transnational chains of production and value, through integration as suppliers of large companies, as well as through strategic partnerships with foreign companies.