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Strategy International

Strategy International

Strategy International’s Purpose is to promote constructive Greek Initiatives and International Foreign and Security Leadership. Its sole purpose is the engagement in a constructive way in international affairs and international negotiations.

Strategy International is based the International Hub of Thessaloniki Greece. It location is pivotal interest to the central and international role that Strategy International seeks. Thessaloniki amongst others is in the heart of the Balkan region, in the Southeastern European Corner and the Sea Side of the Aegean region bordering the East with the West.

Scope of Strategy International is to meet and Propose issues for consideration after extensive and executive research, the international challenges in the foreign and security strategies and politics of the 21st century. Strategy International embodies a Strategic scientific board. It is an international non-partisan network of Professionals, Leaders, Negotiators and Strategists and Political Scientists, who aim to bring ideas to power and to influence international actors,governments and organizations.

Its people, scientific Board, Scholars and Administration headed by the directorate would be honored to collaborate and work with you.