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TIBIF 2014 - Tanzania Israel Business and Investment Forum

KLNT BannerKingdom Leadership Network Tanzania (KLNT)Tanzania Private Sector Foundation Tanzania Investment CentrePromoting International Collaboration (PIC)

DATES: March 17 - 20, 2014

LOCATION: Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania


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The Kingdom Leadership Network Tanzania (KLNT), a network consisting of key leaders in various sectors and decision makers in the country, has partnered with the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), the principal agency of the Government coordinating, encouraging, promoting and facilitating investment in Tanzania and the lead adviser to the Government on investment policy and related matters, together with the Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF); the umbrella voice and apex private sector organisation promoting private sector-led social and economic development in Tanzania, with our International Co-host Promoting International Collaboration (PIC) from Israel; have scheduled the Tanzania-Israel Business and Investment Forum (TIBIF) 2014 to be held from 17th  – 20th  March 2014 at the Julius Nyerere International Convention Centre (JNICC) in Dar es Salaam.

As one of the ten fastest growing economies in the world, Tanzania continues to draw the attention of investors globally and is seen as a golden beach of investment opportunities.  Countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom and China continue to invest heavily and are aggressively vying for business within various sectors in the country.  Tanzania’s economy has been growing steadily at rates averaging 6% year for the past 10 years with the economy having expanded by 6.9% in 2012. Majority of the top business leaders believe that the economy is performing far better in 2013 than in 2012 and remain very positive about the prospects for 2014-5, as revealed by a recent World Bank/KPMG survey.

In view of this background of progress, the Kingdom Leadership Network Tanzania (KLNT), a network consisting of leaders and key decision makers in the country, has decided to convene the “Tanzania-Israel Business Investment Forum (TIBIF) 2014” in Dar es Salaam from March 17th – 20th 2014 with the objective of enhancing cooperation between foreign investors with particular reference between Israel related businesses and local Tanzanian enterprises. This session is unprecedented and will be the first business Investment forum of its kind in the country to focus on developing economic relationships with Israel.  The forum intends to foster strategic alliances and solid business partnerships between private Small and Medium scale businesses from Israel and Tanzania and other countries.

It is intended that the event will rise above being a mere conference. The “Tanzania-Israel Business Investment Forum (TIBIF) 2014” is supposed to foster business activity aimed at facilitating and promoting matching and cooperation between investors and fast-growing companies based in Tanzania, Israel and other countries.  It is revolutionary due to the following advantages:

1.   A Professional forum
The Forum will engage business investment institutions operating in the following areas: Agriculture, Mining, Financial services, Education, Infrastructure (Roads, Water), Construction/Property/Housing, Energy, Technology, Bioengineering, Manufacturing, Medicine/Health, Chemical Engineering, Retailing, Tourism, Communications, Computing, Textile and Apparel. Participants of the meeting will be fast-growing companies including PE and VC investors.  Priority will be given to institutions involved in the above-mentioned areas. The event is designed primarily to facilitate investment and bilateral cooperation.

2.   Guarantee system
Each investor, businesses and institutions planning to attend the meeting will be given a questionnaire, in strict accordance to eligible terms and conditions that will ensure that participants find the target investment Opportunities, business partners and eligible clients for them during the meeting and at the exhibition. The secretariat of KLNT will sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and Service Agreement with each organization, Private Equity (PE) or Venture Capital (VC) investors.

3.   Sufficient clientele
As a leading organization of local leadership personalities and businessmen, KLNT enjoys favourable relationships with the local and central governments at different levels.  Key ministries and organisations that we have requested to partner in this forum include the Ministry of Agriculture through The Southern Agricultural Growth Corridor of Tanzania (SAGCOT), Industry, Trade and Marketing, Ministry of State, Investment and Empowerment, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Energy and Minerals, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation and other government agencies such as the Tanzania Investment Centre (TIC), Tanzania Private Sector Foundation (TPSF), TANTRADE, National Development Cooperation (NDC), Tanzania National Business Council (TNBC) and development and reform commissions at different levels. In addition, KLNT maintains close collaborative relationship with many Tanzania commerce chambers from across various industries. KLNT has about 500 company/institutional members.

4.  Excursions/Business tour
Excursions and a business trip will be organized for all local and foreign participants that may wish to visit the various proposed destinations. Visits to notable tourist attractions recognized worldwide such as Mount Kilimanjaro, Ngorongoro Crater and the world-famous Serengeti National Reserve will be arranged. The intention of the Forum is to ensure that businesses and Investors find targeted investment opportunities, strategic alliances, business partners and clients during the meeting and or at the exhibition, and to bring to light a new Tanzania that is geared towards becoming a new economic power house for Africa and the world. We sincerely invite you to be a partaker of this grand event.

The forum includes: Expert and practitioner talks, One-to-one business and development partnership negotiations, Exhibitions, Networking sessions, Business field tours and optional excursions. The Forum will engage business investment institutions operating in Agriculture, Mining, Financial services, Education, Infrastructure (Roads, Water), Construction/Property/Housing, Energy, Technology, Bioengineering, Manufacturing, Medicine/Health, Chemical Engineering, Retailing, Tourism, Communications, Computing, Textile and Apparel.

The Kingdom Leadership Network Tanzania (KLNT), in partnership with Tanzania Investment Centre(TIC) and Tanzania Private Sector Foundation(TPSF) and Promoting International Collaboration (PIC), we welcome you to Dar es Salaam and to the 2014 Tanzania–Israel Business Investment Forum. Dar Es Salaam literally “The Haven of Peace” is Tanzania’s largest and richest city serving as an important regional economic center. It feels special to be in Dar es Salaam; on New York Times list of places to go in 2014. Tanzania may be best known for the snow-capped peaks of Mount Kilimanjaro and the game-packed plains of the Serengeti, but the real pulse of the country is found in its largest city, Dar es Salaam. It is an African metropolis coming into its own.

There are 3 categories for Forum Registration; Local, International special Fee for Students/Trainees.


March 05th, 2014

From the 06th of March, 2014 and On-site

Registration fee
International delegates



Local delegates and Trainees



Registration Fee includes the following;

  • Admission to all sessions
  • Admission to the Exhibition Hall
  • Daily Entrance to the Kingdom Leadership Summit: Each day after the Business Investment Forum
  • Conference Pack (includes information on sponsors and participants)
  • Lunch, Refreshments, and Coffee Breaks
  • Gala Dinner Entrance on the 16th March at Serena Hotel


There are only 40 spaces available for you to seize this one in a million chance to access world markets by showcasing your products and services at state of the art Exhibition Stands in full view of all the dignitaries and millionaires attending the Business Forum.

Exhibition Stand for four (4) days*

March 05th, 2014

 From the 06th of March , 2014 and On Site

  • Exhibition space with one person conference participation
  • (3mX3m booth/stand) Table, chairs and electric cables provided




For further information and any other inquiries please contact:

Endesh Makanza: (+255766262001) Email:
Anael Samuel: (+255784508805) Email:
Pauline Mtunda: (+255715140122) Email:
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