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In a world of hyper competition, being innovative is essential for gaining a competitive advantage. To build and sustain market advantage over a mid and long term, you need to really understand the market dynamics and global key drivers and how to adapt and strengthen your innovation capabilities to fit today’s market uncertainties as well as those of tomorrow.

PIC is at the cutting edge of African strategic development, moving away from the obsolete and ineffective approach. We help our clients and partners to aggressively partake in their national development, stimulating knowledge transfer and inspiring opportunity, while navigating through and anticipating change. Our innovative strategic planning and management approaches create a shared vision and strategy that mobilizes groups to achieve lasting results. We draw upon a diverse range of specialisms to benefit our clients unlock their full potential, identifying the key challenges and openings of their own national development processes.

We have partnered to deliver highly complex projects, in some of the most challenging environments, contributing to the creation of industries, job formation, and the economic well-being of people. We use a full-spectrum approach to develop, design, build, operate, and transfer projects incorporating our clients along the entire process. Environmental, social, economic, and quality factors are integrated into our projects to promote positive, lasting effects from projects to operations to long term sustainability.



  • Modern Agriculture and Value Chain

  • Hi-Tech Hubs – Internet, E-Commerce, Mobile Application, Cyber Security

  • Business Creation – Start Up’s / Entrepreneur Incubators

  • Formation of Industries – Food Processing, Manufacturing

  • Rural Development – Community Programmes

  • Modernisation and Adaptation of Academic and Training Institutions



  • Strategic Planning for Governments/Institutions and Groups – together with our clients, we create a shared vision, mission and strategy with measurable results for their organisation, team or operating unit; creating a culture of strategic management. Working with academic intuitions, governments and local stakeholders to develop results-oriented sector strategies and programmes.


  • Conceptual Planning – offering innovative and creative development projects based on the Israeli development experience and academic achievements, conveying a range of advanced technologies and modern methods, we work with project design teams and local stakeholders to design projects and national programmes with clear, realistic and measurable development outcomes to improve programme quality and effectiveness. Recognising opportunity and identifying gaps in the market are our strongpoint.


  • Physical Development of Master Plan – in collaboration, we outline theatrical development guidelines and usually include sections of onsite analysis, public surroundings and circulation, project procedures, services and access. Phased development budget is also included.


  • Strategic Business Plan – conducting survey market demand and fund raising potential, provides operational analysis and recommendation of the feasibility study and programme development concept. The strategic business plan will project income and costs throughout the development project process.


  • Comprehensive/Technical Master Plan – this service offers integrated physical development, programme development, operations, business strategy into a strategic roadmap. The comprehensive master plan supports the approval process of stakeholders in major projects, outlining detailed and technical information.


  • Implementation Plan – various building / construction and staff implementation strategies will be offered. From suggested international companies, sub-contractors, employment of professional experts, coaches and mentors will be presented to our clients so that they may make a calculated decision within their best interests; local resource mobilizations will be a key factor in this phase. International networking, collaboration and partnerships opportunities will be presented.


  • Financing Solutions – PIC has developed a number of highly innovative and modified funding solutions through our network. These have been developed in response to the ongoing need to drive optimum value from project finance arrangements and deliver cost effective solutions / bids within the project affordability levels. (Development Banks Funding, Donor Agencies, Investment Capital, Venture Capital, Equity Funding, Joint Ventures, etc.)


  • Local Capacity Building and Labour – PIC brings an optimize-and-maximize approach when implementing a particular project, tailoring the approach to local conditions and concerns. We identify clusters of existing capacities to support development projects, including accomplished professionals and experts, skilled craft workers, training institutions, and local businesses for equipment and technology.


  • Project Private Public Partnerships (PPP) - PIC serves clients who acquire large projects using the Public-Private Partnership (PPP/P3) model. We encourage and support our clients in being the private partner for public benefit. Through the PPP model, a focused and experienced consortium is formed that is jointly responsible for delivering all elements of the project. Presenting our clients with a full support system, transforming them into industry authorities for national development projects, ushering governments in their mission. Our clients in the PPP agreements can create efficiencies around capital, financing, maintenance, operating and management services.



  • Strategies to Promote Growth and Reduce Poverty

  • Regional Integration

  • Africa’s Participation in Globalisation

  • Strengthening Institutions and Capacity Development

  • Developing the Private Sector and Industry

  • Climate Change and Food Security

  • Strengthening the Health Systems and Social Services

  • Education and Access to Knowledge

  • Attracting International Investment

  • Advancing Infrastructure

  • Move towards Innovation and Efficiency