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  LT. COL. (Res.) GIORA RANA  

Lt. Col. (Res.) Giora Rana

Lt. Col.(Res.) Mr. Giora Rana is an active member of the National Disaster Operational Response Team (HFC-IDF), a State Level Emergency Response Team administered jointly by the Home Front Command (HFC-IDF), National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA), The Homeland Security and Emergency Agencies.


Mr. Rana has served as a Military Psychologist and in R&D, in the Department of Behavioural Sciences in the IDF. Currently(for the last 5 years), Mr. Rana is  a Consultant and the Chief Instructor and Trainer at the International Crisis Management Seminar in the School for SAR and Civil Defence - HFC – IDF. Giora is also a Consultant and Trainer to Government and Private Agencies in matters involving Civil Defence Management, Resilience and Population Strategic Planning and Management during emergencies: Preparedness, Readiness and Media Planning for LICs and MCIs Management and Intervention Plans for Conflict Resolutions.


Mr Giora Rana has a B.A. in Sociology and Psychology and a M.A. in Sociology of Organizations and Organizational Behaviour. He is an Emergency Board Certified International Crisis Manager, a SAR Battalion Commander, a Certified Civil Defence Advisor and Coacher and a Certified Civil Defence Emergency Behaviour Expert and Consultant – HFC - IDF.


Mr. Rana has also provided Consultancy and Training Services through GR Solutions Inc.(Ground Rules Solutions Inc.) to the Israeli Police, Ministry of Education, State and Local Security Personnel, Municipality Mayors, Local Authorities and City Hall Councils for Preparedness and Readiness for Emergencies during Peace times and Emergency Management. He is also an Emergency and Disaster Management Consultant to the Galilee International Institute for Crisis Management and Security Studies. He has the practical experience and knowledge in Threat Assessments, Command and Control of Emergencies and Preparedness and Response to Large Scale Disasters. Mr. Rana has a vast international experience as a Crisis Management Consultant to many countries around the world.


Mr. Giora Rana was a lecturer and a researcher at the Tel Aviv University during the years 1985 – 1990 in the Faculty of Psychology, Sociology and Education.


Mr. Rana served as The Director of the Resilience Centres in the Prime Minister's Office and The Israel Trauma Coalition. He also specializes in Strategic Population Behaviour Management during Crisis, Resilience-Building Preparedness Plans, Crisis Management Planning for Emergencies –Public and Private Sector, Crisis Management for On-Site Operations Commanders, Conflict Resolutions in LICs, Post Trauma Intervention Management during LICs and MCIs, and Psychological and Emotional Debriefing Management during Emergencies.