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Col. (Res) Dr. Efraim Laor



  • Ph.D. in “Policy, Strategy and Administration of Large Scale Emergency Situations”, in particular in the field of Response to Large Scale Sudden Disasters (LSSD’s), rescue and relief, plans and practices (Disaster Management), Department of War Studies, King’s College, University of London, 1992-1996.
  • Division Commanders’ Qualification Program, Israeli Defense Forces (I.D.F.), 1990.
  • British Army Staff College, Camberley, U.K, 1988-1989.
  • National Defense College (a 12-month comprehensive program), Tel-Aviv, Israel, 1983-1984.
  • Israeli Army Command and Staff College, I.D.F, 1975-1976.
  • Seismic Risk: Assessment, Reduction and Emergency Management, European Community, Rome, Italy, 2006.
  • United Nations Disaster Assessment & Coordination (UNDAC), Asia/Pacific Induction Course, Christchurch, New-Zealand, 2007.
  • Assessment Mission Course, European Community Civil Protection Mechanism, 2008.
  • United Nations Disaster Assessment & Coordination (UNDAC), Africa/Europe Consolidation Course, Brignoles, France, 2008.


Work Experience
My work encompassed short-and long-term strategic, operative and tactical planning, as a member of think-tank teams, which formulated conceptions for the “Emergencies and Battlefield of the Future”. Ample operational experience in the field since “War of Attrition, 1970”, “Yom Kippur War, 1973-1974”, “Litany Operation, 1978”, “Peace of Galilee War, 1982-onward”, “Intifada, 1988-onward”, “Gulf War, 1990-91”, South-Lebanon Conflict, numerous Search & Rescue and Relief missions in Israel and abroad, Response to Earthquakes, Tsunami, Floods, Typhoon, Cyclone. Invited lecturer at numerous conferences, seminars, training events. Commander/leader, Manager, Supervisor, Staff Officer at numerous field-exercises.


A Concise Compilation of Professional background
Team-Member, United Nations Disaster Assessment and Coordination [UNDAC], 2007 - .

  • Chairman, Government of Israel National Steering Committee for Disaster Reduction. In charge of initiating and coordinating the comprehensive governmental and public sector activities aiming to reduce loss of life and all kinds of damage caused by earthquakes. Report to a Council of 10 Ministers, August 2003 – 31/12/2006.
  • Head of the Joint F.I.R.S.T./IsraAid/LATET Medical Mission in response to the earthquake that hit Haiti on 12 January 2010, Jan-Feb 2010.
  • HQ of the F.I.R.S.T./IsraAid Medical Mission in response to the typhoon that hit the Philippines, August-September 2009.
  • Head of IsraAid Mission in response to Cyclone Nargis that hit the Delta Region in Myanmar on 2-3 May 2008. The team has been involved in response and comprehensive rehabilitation and reconstruction of Auk Pyun Wa village; Tar-Tite village and Kwin Gyi village. In addition, training more than 500 Physicians, Engineers, Social Workers, Businessmen and students functioning as aid-workers, May 2008 - .
  • Special Advisor, Government of Israel Delegation, ASEAN-UN International Pledging Conference on Humanitarian Assistance to Myanmar, Yangon, 25 May 2008.
  • Head of F.I.R.S.T. Mission to earthquake that hit Peru, (HQ Commander, 2 MD’s, 1 Paramedic and 3 Nurses). The team provided first aid and stabilization treatment to hundreds of injured, 16–28 August 2007.
  • Strategy-Consultant for "Mexico-City, Safe City" Project, confronting NATECH's: Earthquakes, floods, HAZMAT, industrial fires, landslides, Ciudad de Mexico, Gobierno del Distrito Federal, 2007.
  • Head of IsraAid project for Somaliland refugees in Kenya, to strengthen the refugees' psychological and social conditions and to convey skills needed to survive and function in the aftermath of floods and extreme violence. The team provided first aid and stabilization treatment, "relief convoys", to meet the needs of refugees, February 2007.
  • Israel's President Award for Voluntarism [as Head of F.I.R.S.T.], 2005.
  • Head of Government of Israel Mission, EU-Mediterranean Partners Crisis Management Seminar, Athens, Greece, June 2005.
  • Head of IsraAid project for Darfurian refugees in Chad, to strengthen the refugees' psychological and social conditions and to convey skills needed to survive and function in the aftermath of extreme violence [civil strife], August 2004.
  • Head of Government of Israel [GOI] Mission in response to Tsunami hit the South-East Asia Region [Thailand], Dec. 2004.
  • Head & Lecturer, “Geography of Disaster Areas”, at Masters Degree and Doctoral Program, Department of Geography, University of Haifa.
  • Strategy-consultant and a senior member, National Steering Committee for “Coping with Emergencies by Education”, Ministry of Education, Government of Israel.
  • Lecturer, “Policy, Strategy and Administration of Large Scale Emergency Situations”, at Masters Degree Program in `Public Policy and Administration’, Hebrew University of Jerusalem.
  • Chairman, “Fast Israeli Rescue & Search Team [F.I.R.S.T.]”, (12 units; have been responding to more than 7,600 SAR call-outs in Israel and abroad).
  • Supervisor for the formation of 3 Search & Rescue Teams in the Kingdom of Jordan [initiated by “Amman Centre for Peace & Development”].
  • Senior Consultant with `Israeli Defence Force’s Mission’ to Bhuj, in response to the earthquake hit the State of Gujarat, India, [180-strong Field Hospital], Jan./Feb. 2001.
  • Head of F.I.R.S.T. Mission in response to earthquake hit the Marmara-Region in Turkey, Aug. `99 (40 MD’s, Paramedics and Nurses). The team excavated wounded and deceased from wreckage buildings at Yalova/Ayden Camp and Cinarcik. Provided First Aid and Stabilization treatment. Worked at the Israeli Army Field Hospital at Adapazari. Conducted "Relief Convoys" to meet the needs of refugees at their sites. Established a temporary village for refugees at OTOKAR Company Plant near Adapazari. [Based on a plan prepared for Kosovo].
  • Head of F.I.R.S.T. Mission in response to Nov. `99 earthquake hit Duzce and Kaynasli in Turkey.
  • Supervisor for the formation of “Anadolu University Search, Rescue and Relief Organization”, Eskisehir, Turkey, consisting of 9 units, manned by lecturers, administrative staff members and students of the University.
  • An Analyst, Strategy-consultant and a Senior member with a Foreign think-tank for the formation of an organizational chart of the national state managing the competent national governmental agencies and coordinating their activities with the provinces and municipalities, in order to prevent and manage natural and man-made disasters or emergencies.
  • Scientific Adviser for National and Local Authorities confronting major emergencies: prevention, preparedness, rescue and relief, plans and practices.
  • Member, Scientific Board, `The National Council for Voluntarism in Israel’ (Founded in 1972 by the Prime Minister’s Office).
  • Senior Staff Member at the Prime Minister’s Office responsible for Operational and Administrative Planning at the highest National Level [involving major international consequences], reporting directly to the Prime Minister.
  • Director of Operational Planning Department within the I.D.F/H.Q., the peak of which was during the `Gulf War’ (1990-1991). While in this position, I was responsible for: the operational planning for the I.D.F.’s ground, air, naval and special forces, as well as for operational research, operational tests, and operational exercises.
  • Commander of the 7th Armoured Brigade (I.D.F’s elite tank brigade).
  • Second-in-Command of an Armoured Division.
  • Head of `Israeli Ministry of Defence Instruction Mission’ in Latin America (simultaneously, 1,200 [one thousand and two hundred] trainees), (1979/1980).
  • Senior Instructor in a Battalion Commanders’ Qualification Program, I.D.F.
  • Commanding Officer of the 82nd Tank Battalion (I.D.F.’s elite Tank Battalion), including during the `Litany Operation’, (1978).
  • Commanding Officer of a Tank Squadron during the `October War’ on the Golan Heights (1973).