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Expert in International Executive Management Training for Decision and Policy Makers

  1. Leading experience within the field of international projects and training programmes designed for governmental and military organisations and institutions;
  2. Highly experienced expert for African issues in security developments;
  3. Achieved a proven record of establishing successful international relations for identifying strategic opportunities of collaboration;
  4. Assuring development growth and management on complex projects;
  5. Global experience in security training design, deploying security resources for a wide ranging agenda, emergency actions and commercial interests plus security support functions in various capacities mainly targeted in Africa, Europe and Asia;
  6. Highly motivated and successful in optimising business and team potentials, whilst achieving goals, and delivering the highest standards.


Past Experience and Significant Achievements

Former Director, International Centre of National Security Studies (ICNSS), Galillee College
Designed, Established and Conducted International Seminars and programmes intended for decision and policy makers around the world; Established over 4,300 international contacts, with more than a 1,000 participants; Designed and implemented over 10 high level executive programmes within security studies:

  1. Advanced National Security Studies
  2. International Seminar on National Security
  3. Anti and Counter Terrorism
  4. Maritime and Ports Security
  5. Crisis and Disaster Management
  6. Peace Building and Conflict Resolution
  7. Intelligence Strategy for Insuring Homeland Security
  8. New Approach to Prison Management & Rehabilitation in the 21st Century
  9. Airport and Aviation Security
  10. Logistics Executive Development Course


Operations Manager and Programme Development Authority: Providing strategic planning, international business development, marketing, corporate communications, as well as consultancy services


Institutional Modernisation – In the 21st century educational institutions need to be more flexible, nimble and adaptive to the ongoing process of organisational changes, and capable of refocusing efforts to achieve qualitative and quantitative results. Under financial pressure, applying control and even reduce costs, as well as manage new competitive dynamics, while responding to growing demands. Implementing newer technology tools to identify the shortcomings in the required skill-set, and impart necessary training and should test and certify using some of the best assessment tools available.


Strategic Business Analysis – By realizing the ability to be pro-active and not reactive is one of the greatest techniques for creating value within an organisation. This requires a continuous process of transforming information into intelligence so that you can manage the future. Effectively executing one of the best tools for making this process work is Competitive Intelligence.


Process Improvement Strategy – Recognising that everything everyone does within an organisation is part of a process. So invariably wanting to improve what the organisation does, I effectively focused on improving the process. Process improvement is a long-term approach to improving organisational performance with substantially less risks of destroying value when compared to short-term approaches.


Communications and International Relations – PR and Information Strategies: Proven record of accomplishment, driving international projects forward and deploying communications strategies / programmes in support of strategic development goals within a multinational environment – Global. Advised senior mission and public information staff on a range of public affairs issues, methods and approaches. Developed strategic partnerships with key constituencies that elicited support and maximized promotional objectives. Culturally aware and internationally recognized.


Strategic Planning for Executive Leadership Training - Curriculum Development, Research, Implementation, Evaluation and Review; Provided Tailor-Made Programmes and In Country Training upon request. Leaders and leadership are related. One is the function of the other. Leadership, however, is not the functioning of leaders. Leadership is the function of a group and leaders are a function of leadership.


Project Management and Planning - Highly successful diplomatic negotiator with multifaceted responsibilities. Possessing a track record of securing contracts covering the complete bidding cycle, whilst providing the full range of design, project / programme management services and partner solutions. Projects are often viewed as being fundamentally rooted in technology. This is because most projects are technical. Unfortunately, this orientation toward technology has obscured the true purpose of projects. The truth is that projects are all about production – not technology. The fundamental objective for a project is to achieve a productive result, such as improving effectiveness, increasing income, or making operations more efficient. No matter what that underlying cause, the ultimate purpose of a project is very simple: to make or to save money.


Seasoned ability to develop communications products for global audiences: achieving organisations’ communications objectives through the design and implementation of communication activities involving advertising, public relations, direct mail, Internet, publications.


Raising organisations’ profiles “Image Management” - Through branding and the production, or dissemination of quality information products and services in various formats. While many executives claim that branding is not essential, many researchers have shown that wise branding and a focused corporate identity are the keys for business success. Therefore, understanding what branding really is and then developing your brand and what it stands for is highly important.


Overseeing all communications activities including market research, dissemination, planning and monitoring. Promoting media understanding and interest in organisation’s programmes whilst providing communication advice and improving reporting systems.