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Professional Business Tourism and Trade Missions

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The lack of knowledge about the new African market, the absence of established relationships and trading experience and the vast amount of resources required, are usually the main reasons for companies to give up their internationalisation process into Africa’s emerging markets.

PIC plays an important role in raising the awareness of the opportunities that exist in African countries for companies that wish to start exporting, accelerate their internationalisation process or establish themselves in this new emerging market. The increase in the frequency, seniority and size of interactions in recent years is testament to the growing recognition by the African market.

PIC works with international companies to help them succeed in the African market. For some of our clients this means helping them steer away from the norm while incorporating new concepts into their existing business development strategies. For others we define the emerging market and develop a strategic approach to lay the groundwork for future success.

Our approach leverages our clients’ expertise and technologies to not only reduce the cost of existing business development efforts but to introduce new capacities for identifying, researching and ultimately bringing to market new business. Our core service focuses on implementation of agreed strategic business plans that target specific markets, generate leads, and provide follow-up sales activity for your existing marketing channels. PIC advocates that pursuit of 'opportunity' networking when supported by vision; leadership and right value framework can secure considerable gains towards sustainable development.

Whether your focus is sales growth, penetration of new markets, research for new initiatives or forecast planning our consulting service can help your team with the following core business development services:


  • Strategic Business Development – Country and Location Selection with an on the Ground Support Network
  • Pursue both Enterprise and Government Business Clients and develop an established client base
  • Further Develop and Maintain a Network of Information Technology and business/government decision-making authorities and advisors within an emerging market
  • Market Entry Strategies and Revenue Models - Clear and accurate definition of goals to achieve
  • Market Research, Feasibility Studies and Value Chain Analysis - Analysis of relevant sectors to identify the niche markets that could represent an opportunity for the company’s product
  • Identify Competitive Advantages, practices and gaps in the market place to improve the company’s position
  • Product Portfolios and Product-Market Combinations
  • Business Partner Search and Matchmaking – B2B and Joint Venture Opportunities
  • Broad Experience within Business Development and Internationalization Processes
  • Develop Key Relationships and Sales Leads to complement existing direct and/or channel sales funnels
  • Manage all Aspects of the Sales Cycle, leveraging client resources as appropriate to reduce cost
  • Tailored Strategies that can Operate in Self-Directed/Autonomous Mode or one aligned with existing marketing and sales force
  • Reduction of the Adaptation Period to the Market and reduction of the opportunity cost due to risks